Talk Videos

The following videos were made using a newly-installed lecture capture system “Recap”. The links are to Exeter’s Recap website, which displays the talks with video and audio as well as the slides themselves. As with any new system there were some issues, particularly with the talks on Tuesday morning, where the video camera didn’t capture the speaker. Unfortunately a couple of talks were cut short due to timing issues. Nonetheless we think that the videos form a useful record of the meeting. Enjoy!

Monday: Molecular Clouds

Stefanie Walch (University of Cologne): Theory review
Nicolas Peretto (University of Cardiff): Observational review
Masato Kobayashi (Nagoya University): The evolutionary picture of Giant Molecular Cloud mass functions on galactic scales
Andrea Bracco (CEA/Saclay): The relative orientation between magnetic fields and filamentary density structures from the diffuse ISM to molecular clouds
Simon Glover (Heidelberg University): Hunting for observational signatures of molecular cloud formation
Ana Duarte Cabral (University of Exeter): Observing simulations: Molecular clouds and their journey in the Galaxy
Eric Keto (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics): A simple description of the energy budget in molecular cloud and their atomic envelopes
Volker Ossenkopf-Okada (University of Cologne): Column density PDFs as a diagnostic tool
Seamus Clarke (University of Cardiff): Fragmentation of accreting filaments
Jouni Kainulainen (MPIA): Fragmentation of the integral shaped filament in Orion A as view by ALMA
Kate Pattle (UCLAN): First results of the JCMT BISTRO survey: The magnetic field of Orion A
Huei-Ru Vivien Chen (National Tsing Hua University): Filamentary accretion flows in the IRDC M17 SWex
Jonathan Henshaw (Liverpool John Moores University): Seeding the Galactic Centre gas stream: initial conditions for the formation of Young Massive Clsuters
Joao Alves (University of Vienna): Blue streams and local star formation
Emily Drabek-Maunder (Imperial College London): The JCMT Gould Belt Survey: Understanding the influence of molecular outflows on Gould Belt clouds
Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni (RyA-UNAM): Core structure and evolution in globally collapsing molecular clouds

Tuesday: Cores

Kengo Tomida (University of Osaka): Theory review
Anaelle Maury (CEA/Saclay): Observational review
Vera Konyves (CEA/Saclay): A census and properties of dense cores and filaments in the Aquila and Orion B cloud complexes
Alana Rivera-Ingraham (ESA): Extreme Star Formation in the Galaxy: The Herschel View
Isabelle Ristorcelli (IRAP / CNRS UPS Toulouse): A statistical analysis of polarized dust emission in the environment of Planck Galactic cold clumps
Jenny Hatchell (University of Exeter): Taking the temperature of local star-forming clouds with the JCMT Gould Belt survey
Sarah Sadavoy (MPIA): Dust Emissivity in OMC 2/3: Linking the Diffuse Cloud to the Dense Cores
Chris Wright (UNSW): Magnetic fields via thermal infrared polarimetric imaging
Benoit Commercon (CRAL ENS Lyon): Outflows and disks formation in massive cores collapse
Yusuke Aso (University of Tokyo): ALMA observations of Keplerian disks around protostars
Ben Lewis (University of Exeter): Shaken and stirred - the role of turbulence, magnetism and radiation in the formation of protostars
Neil Vaytet (University of Copenhagen): A grid of 1D low-mass star formation collapse models: not all dense clouds form first Larson cores
Yusuke Tsukamoto (RIKEN): Bimodality of Circumstellar Disk Evolution Induced by the Hall Current
Oliver Lomax (University of Cardiff): Core fragmentation and protostellar multiplicity
Joana Oliveira (University of Keele): Herschel Spectroscopy of Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Magellanic Clouds
Joseph Mottram (MPIA): Fragmentation and disk formation in high-mass star formation


Early Careers Session

Thursday: Protostars and Clusters

Nick Wright (University of Keele): Observational review
Stella Offner (Umass Amherst): Theory review
Richard Parker (Liverpool John Moores University): The initial conditions of star formation from spatial and kinematic substructure
Isabelle Baraffe (University of Exeter): Consistent models of accretion history and multi-dimensional structure of accreting young stars.
Laura Venuti (INAF): Variety of accretion regimes in the young open cluster NGC 2264
Alicia Aarnio (University of Michigan): Assessing Magnetospheric Accretion in Herbig Ae/Be Stars
Carlo Manara (ESA/ESTEC): Disk evolution in young clusters: accretion, winds, and dynamical properties of young stars and their disks
Philip Lucas (University of Herts): A population of eruptive variable protostars in VVV
Matthew Bate (University of Exeter): The dependence of stellar properties on metallicity
Tom Megeath (University of Toledo): Low Mass Star Formation in the Diverse Environments of Orion: Result from the Herschel Orion Protostar Survey
Jan Forbrich (University of Vienna): The Orion Radio All-Stars: new perspectives in stellar radio astronomy
Nadia Murillo (Leiden University): Do siblings always form and evolve at the same time? Coevality of multiple protostellar systems with Herschel
Megan Reiter (University of Michigan): Powerful jets driven by intermediate-mass protostars in the Carina Nebula
Guido De Marchi (ESA): The Tarantula of low-mass stars
Lee Hartmann (University of Michigan): Mass functions of star clusters and the upper mass stellar IMF
Philippe Andre (CEA/Saclay): The role of interstellar filaments in the origin of the stellar initial mass function

Friday: Discs

Catherine Espaillat (Boston University): Observational review
Richard Alexander (University of Leicester): Theory review
Tim Naylor (University of Exeter): A Dynamic Colour-Magnitude Diagram for the Orion Nebula Cluster
Kenny Wood (University of St. Andrews): A Model for (Quasi-) Periodic Multi-wavelength Photometric Variability in Young Stellar Objects
Gilles Chabrier (Lyon & Exeter): Formation of proto-stellar and proto-planetary disks in star formation: the key roles of different physical mechanisms
Alvaro Ribas (Boston University): Protoplanetary disk lifetimes in nearby star-forming regions
Melissa K. McClure (ESO): T Tauri disk gas masses measured from hydrogen deuteride
Stefan Kraus (University of Exeter): Resolving the disc structure of FUOrionis stars
Katharine Johnston (University of Leeds): A Keplerian-like disc around the forming O-type star AFGL 4176
James Owen (Princeton): Vortices from low-mass planet formation in transition discs
Michael Ireland (ANU): High Angular Resolution Mid-Infrared Imaging of Transitional Disks
Pablo Loren-Aguilar (University of Exeter): Toroidal vortices as a solution to the dust migration problem
Giovanni Rosotti (University of Cambridge): What is the minimum planet mass that creates observable signatures in proto-planetary discs?
Eiji Akiyama (NAOJ): Differential Grain Growth in the Spiral Structure of the LkHa 330 Disc
John Monnier (University of Michigan): GPI observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars
Lee Hartmann (University of Michigan): Conference Summary
Public talk: Mark McCaughrean (ESA) ESA’s Big Year in Space Science 2016